With a heavy heart I have decided to close this website and let the domain name expire on Sun Feb 11 2017 00:00Am. We have not had a single user visit this site between Sun Mar 20 2016 05:09 PM - Sun July 31 2016 00:00 AM.

When I had though of making this site I had polled a large crowd in Facebook and asked their opnion if something like this away from Facebook would be something everyone would use and enjoy. I had gotten a great reaction from dozens of folks commending the idea and my effort to create this site as an alternative from Facebook. I had also received much intuition that they would also love to register and be a ongoing part of this community. We gained 9 registered users and none of who has visited the web site after a 3 month period.

It saddens me that Facebook has destroyed the social community atmosphere and destroyed the ability of communities like this to exist. One of the things I always point out is in Facebook you can not search for content and after a day or two it is gone forever unless you want to scroll for hours trying to find it. Communities like this you can find old content or information in seconds with ease. I can go on and on with the benefits of communities like this over large commercially run social media sites but it would be pointless.

We will keep our sister site open as it does generate some traffic and use. Please feel free to join us there and enjoy the use of that community. It may say Beagle in the title but we are about all pets alike.. Below is a link to our sister community.